AudioGaming introduces the first procedural audio middleware for real time gesture sonification. Forget the old ways of sonifying weapons and other objects: Get next generation sound tools! Our middleware is based on expert DSP algorithms and provides a wide range of possibilities for sound designers to get continuous control over motion signals.

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Take a look at some sound possibilities using movement interactions:

5 key benefits of AudioGesture:

  •  plug & play
  •  fully customizable by sound designer
  •  faster & cost effective: save up to 40% of your sound design steps
  •  real-time, dynamic audio rendering
  •  new gaming experience for end-users


Case study :

Jerry, lead audio for a Fantasy RPG project, needs to get high-quality sword sounds for a variety of movements and weapons. Instead of getting into the long process of sound recording/editing/tagging/integrating, he chooses the object SWORD from AudioGaming’s AudioGesture sound librairies.

In the design step, he adjusts some tuning parameters to get the desired sword sounds when moving his gestural controller. After the tuning step, the programming team integrates the object library directly into the game, using the parameters defined by Jerry.

Two months before shipping, big sword sounds need to be changed into small daggers. Usually, it’s a bad time for audio changes but, without any need for last minute recording/editing, Jerry adjusts his AudioGesture object for a dagger sound, and sends a new parameters set for integration. It only took him the amount of time he would have spent on setting up a new recording session.

AudioGesture meets your needs

You don't need swords ?  Think of all the other objects you need to sonify in your game:  like cars, motorbikes, chainsaws, whips, paintcans, teapots, light sabers, shavers, metal detectors... we've got all that in our AudioGesture sound librairies.
More than 50 Audiogesture objects are available.

Contact us, we have solutions for your needs, ready for integration in your current project.


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