Interactive sound design services

AudioGaming has developed a unique expertise in interactive sound design. From conception to integration, we created unique interactive audio universes for games like Type:RiderChicken Doom, Journey To Hell or Project Zigomar by "Paris Musées". We have also worked a lot in Unity3D and we are part of the Unity3D Audio AdvisoryBoard since 2011.

We can take in charge 100% of your interactive audio needs by creating AAA SFX, music and sound design  for your game. From a small casual game that needs good SFX and original music up to an AAA project with advanced audio engine features, our team is able to answer all kinds of needs.


AudioGaming also developed a unique expertise in the creation and integration of procedural audio algorithms. Here's a simple exemple of fire sounds procedurally generated and linked to the animation.




Audiogaming has developed its own C# sound engine which has been used in games like: Type:RiderChicken Doom, Journey To Hell. Here's another exemple on a kinect/unity3D project:


A lot can be accomplished in games using our expertise, including advanced procedural audio, dynamic music, but also real-time sound analysis from the microphone.

Let us know what your needs are: mail us! => Audiogaming contact