Strategic board

Julien Bouvrais – Technology manager - Eidos/Square Enix

Julien brings his excellent knowledge of the entire production pipeline of games through various studio experience. He has developed a clear vision of hotspots and can advise us about the right direction of our R&D.  

Axel Buendia – Founder/CEO – Spir.Ops

Axel has been facing for the past few years the same issues that we will meet: we share some of the same market but with completely different products. He will be able to help us refine our strategy using his experience. 


Philippe Guillaume – CEO - Modartt

Philip was able to start and develop Modartt thanks to a subtle blend of strong innovation and deep field experience. His innovative entrepreneurial background and ability to "connect the dots" is a great help to AudioGaming.


Guillaume Le Nost - CEO - LionFish Audio,

AudioGaming co-owner.

After almost 10 years of acoustics research and development for hi-tech & pro audio companies, Guillaume started his own business in order to continue exploring the many fields of audio research, and to collaborate with industry leaders on various projects.

Guillaume is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and an associate member of the Institute of Acoustics.


Fabien Noel – Audio Director - Ubisoft

Fabien brings his deep knowledge of audio production pipeline and his daily contact with many sound designers. He knows the problems and current limitations of audio production, and the needs of the potential users of our technology.


François Pachet – senior researcher / music team manager - Sony CSL

François has a unique expertise in sound and music research. He is at the cutting edge of research in this area and knows the key players. His field of expertise encompasses various disciplines such as machine learning and is able to spur new ideas into Audiogaming developments.