AudioWind AudioRain: a procedural approach to sound design

AudioWind Pro & AudioRain Pro


New features 

  • 32/64 bit and AAX/RTAS/VST/AU compatible
  • New interface design
  • Further optimized performance
  • Open Sound Control using an iPad

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AudioWind AudioRain Pro


AudioWind  is our revolutionary procedural audio plugin that helps you create the perfect wind sound in a matter of minutes. It requires just a few resources to work perfectly.  Our D.O.S.E. technology allows you to work in real-time for up to 5.1 channel audio. You can modify your sound without entirely having to recreate it.

With AudioWind you can act on 5 major blocks of interaction:

    - Background
    - Whistling
    - Gusts
    - Squalls
    - LFE

AudioRain is AudioWind’s little brother and offers high quality rain sounds. Shape your rain sound in real time, work from the small drop to the shower. Have it your way even in 5.1 channel audio.

With AudioRain you can act on 5 major blocks of interaction:

    - Rumble
    - Shower
    - Liquid one
    - Liquid two
    - LFE

Each block possesses multiple settings to adjust perfectly the sound to your desires.

"Audiowind was very useful for dialing in just the right character for our wind ambiences, and for creating the missing colors we needed in the bgs for Django. A great plug-in !"

Harry Cohen - Sound effect designer for Django Unchained

"It's AMAZING! There is so much that can be done with it and there is so much variation. Using it for room tone is a splendid idea.
It is easy to create sounds for both realistic and fantasy like scenarios. Its tough to find anything negative about it as it opens up so many options and its behaviour is quite realistic."

Varun Nair - Recordist, editor, designer & mixer, Designing Sound.


What's New in version 1.3 Pro

32/64 bit compatible and AAX support !

Version Pro brings AuidoWind and AudioRain to a whole new level for professionals:

  • 64-bit compatible
  • supports Avid AAX plugin format
  • new interface design 
  • further optimized performance
  • OSC control thruogh iPad


What's New in version 1.2

We add some new pressets dedicated for room tones generation !

Based on all the feedback we get, we add some new features:

  • remade the presets window system
  • fixed audio bug: unavailability of 5.0 configurations
  • improved highcut (steeper slope, changed lower bound)
  • 5.1 surround image improvements
  • Computation on/off button, to start the plug-in when the host is stoped
  • introducing installers for win32/macosx
  • Corrected automation bugs in Protools
  • fixed minor bugs

What's New in version 1.1

Based on all the feedback we get, here the new feature list:

  • Addition of a link to Play/Stop the plug-in according to the Host
  • Improved 5.1 spatialisation model
  • Added choices for 5.1 output routing (SMPTE, Cine, ...)
  • Available in both VST and VSTi format, for a perfect integration to your workflow
  • Computation on/off button, to start the plug-in when the host is stoped
  • Master gain no longer stored in presets but in your session, to keep your calibration
  • Corrected automation bugs in Protools
  • Improved performances on MacOS

We also:

  • Added automation to trial versions
  • Lowered and reduced number of beep sounds in trial

Keys features


High 5.1 audio performance

Work your sound in mono, stereo, 2.1, 4.0 and even in full 5.1 sound field !
With just a few megabytes of space, there is no need for high performance hardware, you can work even on the modestest of computers.

5 distinct blocks of interaction.

Each one comes with several settings to ensure the most precise wind sounds and rain sounds.
Fast install and fast loading.
Lots of presets to help you produce on the fly.
Works with every sequencer.
Simple & straightforward sound manipulation.


Create the sound you need with infinite possibilities

No need to load a sound database to find the sound you are looking for, sculpt instantly what you want.
For more interactions, switch AudioRain into slave mode and make it work perfectly with AudioWind.
More than 100 presets available as starting points to produce indefinitely.

Work in real-time

No more need to cut/paste/clear your .wav.
Synchronise perfectly any wind and rain variations to match your scene.

Slave mode

We have though to add a useful feature to our package, if you own the 2 VSTp, you can switch AudioRain into slave mode to use it in combination with AudioWind. In this case they work together to provide the perfect sound and match your desires.


Randomize Magic button

Thanks to procedural audio synthesis, it is possible to generate an infinity of different wind and rain sound with AudioWind and AudioRain.

What can be better than a "Randomize" Button that will design for you a new fresh preset?


What is a VSTp?

Nowadays, you find VST tools for mixing or mastering such as reverbs, delays, EQs or compressors and on the other side,
VSTi for composition matters such as pianos, orchestral instruments, drums, guitars...

Now we name a new kind of plugin called VSTp, "p" for “procedural”. A VSTp acts like a VST but for sound effects based on procedural audio. AudioWeather is THAT kind of VSTp, concentrating your gigabytes of sound banks into only a few megabytes,  allowing to create and model in real-time the perfect weather sounds for your project.


What is D.O.S.E.?

Audiogaming has opened the way for procedural audio with its new engine D.O.S.E. (Dynamic Objects Sound Engine).

D.O.S.E. is at the heart of AudioWeather and is the future of our VSTp. It is the revolutionary sound engine we created to develop our VSTp and our interactive audio middleware.

It allows dealing with real-time audio composition and high audio performances. Using such a powerful tool, you can create, sculpt and synch your sound in real-time and in 5.1 audio, a big revolution in the sound design world.


Fmod & Unity3D

AudioWeather is also available in middleware with the FMOD Studio suite.

FMOD Studio is an audio content creation tool for games, with a focus on a ‘Pro Audio’ approach.

You can have more info about it by following this link

You can also find our plugin in the Unity3d suite. Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing games.