AudioGaming introduces the first procedural audio for video games weather system. Based on specific acoustic modeling we produce realistic as well as unrealistic sound effects computed in real time. Game designers get high level control and Sound designers / Programmers get expert control on the generated audio.

The intuitive edit window of AudioWeather gives access to sculpting parameters such as tonality and timbre, but also to high level semantic parameters like water droplet size and wind fluctuation variables. An impressive equilibrium between power and mastery for a mind-blowing result !

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Stop wasting your time searching for the right sample and create what you have in mind.

Click here to download the product sheet (pdf)

Click here to download a windows or mac demo (zip)

AudioWeather middleware interface:


AudioWeather using Unity3D:


AudioWeather developper's interface:

AudioWeather editor



• Instant generation of all kinds of environments integrating wind, rain, and real-life elements

• Audio-based creative gameplay using weather elements

• Pre Production placeholders system for demonstrations

• Real-time simulation feedback



Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated:

• They are specifically optimized for your target platform.

• They minimize the use of memory.

• Our solutions don't use any threads. Calculations are done when you ask for them.

• Our solution is made compatible with your actual sound engine.

• Straightforward API.

• Computation can be turned on and off dynamically. All allocated memory is freed when the library is unloaded.


AudioWeather is also available as a set of 2 VSTp with AudioWind and AudioRain.

For more information go to the AudioWind AudioRain page.


Click here to download the product sheet (pdf)

Click here to download a windows or mac demo (zip)